I am Pro-Life.. and some.

I am Pro-life.

That was how I started my Instagram story this morning.  No explanation, no hashtags or giffs.  Just the plain fact.  I honestly got distracted with getting Maggie and myself all ready to go which, is no small task.  But also, I didn’t think it needed anymore explaining than that.  Kritter, ya darn fool!

I was inspired to post that short pro-life statement to my Instagram due to two things.  The first was seeing countless friends and family post about either traveling to the March for Life in Washington D.C. or post in support of it.  Which gave me some serious fomo tbh.  And the second was a similar post from a  fellow blogger, Kristin , who was able to lace in eloquence and wisdom in the content she chose to publish.  She wrote a beautifully relatable post about how her first pregnancy was unplanned.  She encourages people to reach out to her if they are feeling fearful and- well it’s just a dang good pro-life post so go read it.  She reaches both sides of the argument, empathizing with those found pregnant outside of marriage and yet also supporting her cause of protecting the innocent.  I’m sure that was Divinely inspired.

And then there’s me.. just a dope trying to get to Heaven and help others on my way.  Guys it’s hard!  Working for the Kingdom means being in constant mental prayer because what if you say the wrong thing, or don’t say enough!  Cough cough, my initial post.

So this is my redemptive blog post, attempting to convey my point with the same grace and wisdom as Kristin did.  And I’ll tell you right now I’m probably going to mess up in some way again but, alas!  I try.

Okay lets start over shall we?  I am pro-life.  Yes, this is true and it will remain true, buuuut I figured I should explain a little more so bear with me..

“Date daaa doooo!!!!” Maggie screams as she runs as fast as her toddler body can take her towards one of her absolute favorite people in the whole world.  Her Great Grandma Jo.  Now if you’ve ever met my gramma jo, then you know she can be.. willful at best.  For those of you that can’t relate let me paint you a picture.  This is a 95-year-old woman who will argue till the cows come home, will refuse all help you attempt to give her and who is so gosh dang stubborn that she would rather spill her coffee all over herself and the floor than admit that a ceramic coffee mug cannot be balanced on the handle of a walker.  Still can’t imagine it??  The woman wanted to balance this..                                                                                      on the HANDLE of this

ceramic mug

person holding medical walker beside white hospital bed

Crazy right?  Well that is just gramma jo for ya.  She is sweet as all get out BUT she is a handful man.  Love the lady, but she is accidentally hilarious while simultaneously being quite devious.

Okay so back to my point, so gramma jo is by far a favorite for Maggie and Lord knows why.  It’s not like she gets down and dirty playing with Maggie, she doesn’t throw her up into the air or have fun games to interact with her.  I mean for goodness sake the woman is 95 years old.  But for whatever the reason is, Maggie adores her.

Now, to some, my gramma jo would be viewed as less valuable, less worthy, and overall undeserving of the same rights as others.  Others who may be more physically fit, younger, and who can contribute to society in more ways than her.  Her life would have a particular value placed on it due to her standings.

Next, take Maggie.  Although she is the friggin light and love of my life- not everyone would agree.  Some may deem her life as less valuable due to her current standings as well.  Although her health is better than that of gramma jo, she is still very dependent on capable adults.  I mean she can’t cook, clean or take care of any other people.  She isn’t writing world-renowned novels or starting a successful business.  She isn’t curing any diseases or solving ridiculously hard math problems.  (And shoot neither am I!)  She is just learning how to communicate her wants and needs with others.  To some, that life is not as worthy.  Again, a certain value would be placed on her life.

And then lastly, the child that is very much alive but who currently resides in maaa bellaaay.  Now that child, he (or she we don’t know) is placed at the very bottom of the totem pole.  He is given no rights at all.  Not the right to the pursuit of happiness, not the right to vote, not the right to freedom of speech.  Nothing.  He is not even given the right to his own life..  That is, unless I decide he can have it.  Know why?  Because of his current residence in said, bellaaay.

So now, I get to choose if he lives or dies.  Woah, that’s a friggin responsibility if I ever had one.  So since he is inside my body for a very short 40 weeks, all of a sudden I get to choose if he lives or dies?  If he gets the chance to experience the same joys, struggles, and graces that we all do?  How in the world is that fair.

It isn’t.

All three of those people have an equal value in the worth of their lives.  All three of those people deserve the right to life.  All three of them are children of God, as are you, dear reader.  That’s why we can’t pick and choose who lives and who dies, we aren’t Him, we don’t get to make those decisions.

Sometimes, as a mother I think- yeah I created this life inside me, this little person.  And in a way, of course I did.  But nothing is without God.  Nothing is possible without Him, including all life.  It’s like, I am a trumpet.  Without God, I just sit there as an unplayed trumpet, collecting dust in the corner.  But when He steps into the picture, I am a blasting trumpet blaring beautiful noises all over the place.  I can’t make that music without Him.

It is no coincidence that we are given the parents or children that we have.  They are each gifts, gifts from a loving and freaking wise Father.

If you or someone you love has had an abortion, I am sorry.  I’m not mad and I don’t hate you, of course not.  I am just so so sorry for your loss.  I am so sorry that you had so much pain and fear in your life that you felt like abortion was the only solution.  I wish I could just hug you right now!  I truly am sorrowful thinking of your pain.  No abortion goes without pain.  And please know, dear reader, that I will pray for you today, even if you don’t want it- ha!  But honestly, if you or anyone you know needs help or feels afraid I would love to help in every way I can.  Please reach out.  You shouldn’t be going through so much hardship alone.  And dude, being pregnant, no matter how that pregnancy came to be, is friggin hard so yeah, you’ll want some support lady!  I would love to support you.

So all in all, I guess I’m back where I started..

Bottom line is, I am pro-life, and thank God your parents were too when they had you.

IMG_3154“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.” ~Saint Mother Teresa

Image result for “By abortion the mother does not learn to love, but kills her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, that father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. The father is likely to put other women to the same trouble. So abortion leads to more abortion.”

Humility: a shopper’s guilt uncovered

I love to shop.  Most women I know do too.  In fact, I believe it is a universally accepted practice amirite??  Okay but seriously, for some people, shopping is a stress relief, for others it is a treat.  Ask any new mom what her first outing was alone without the babe.. a Target run most likely?  Whether it is grocery shopping at your local organic food store, early morning farmers market finds, or splurging on a pair of dark wash skinnies shopping is shopping and there is something mystic and thrilling about it all.

Lately, due to being baby bound, I have found online shopping to be much more convenient but at the same time, much more dangerous.  Instead of finding that cute item and walking around the store with it in your arms as you mull over when and where you would actually wear it, online shopping requires only the most fleeting decision as you simply press a single button to empty your bank account.  Well okay, there are several rounds of billing and shipping information to pass through first but still, that all goes by very quickly as the excitement of your purchase draws nearer.  Yet then, when I finally do click that last place order button, all the adrenaline is gone and I am left holding my credit card and nothing else.  Sure I’ll be excited when I hear the USPS dude pull up to my house knowing the precious cargo he is delivering to my doorstep.  But it still doesn’t fully satisfy.  For some reason, those orange leggings from Fabletics aren’t as cute as I dreamed up for the past 4 months.  The gold multilayered necklace just won’t sit right on my neck and the choker is literally making me claustrophobic.  So why is it that I am so disappointed in the products I have purchased?

working macbook computer keyboard 

  I think for starters I have false expectations.  Like I said before, I literally will dream this stuff up in my head as I lay in bed at night.  I’ve recently become an anxious sleeper to say the least.  Basically I’ll go to bed tired but then after tossing and turning and constantly checking the clock, a slow panic seeps into my bones.  I begin to fear the worst, a night of no sleep while my entire household is going on and sleeping without me!  In reality, it’s not a big deal if I get bad sleep for a night because then I will most likely have a great night of sleep the next night.  Yet this thought does not calm my terrorized brain at 12:41 AM.  Anywho, as I lay in bed, frustration growing by the minute, sometimes I will think such things as, “Oh my black leggings are tearing at the crotch.  I should get some new ones.  I should get those fabletic ones, those super cute fabletic ones.  I should just do the two for $24 deal.  I can finally get the orange ones too!  Oh man and the work outs I will do in those, ooooo yeah I can plan that out now.  Okay, sumo squats, lunges, push ups..” the thought train goes on and on.  So I work this shit up in my head big time.  It becomes my lullaby for crying out loud!

Then, I’ll do the comparison thing.  Again with the train of thoughts, “Oh wow that girl has torn skinnies, I don’t have any torn skinnies.  Matter fact, I’ve never had torn skinnies.  I should, no I need torn skinnies.  Look, everyyy girl on instagram has torn skinnies.  Every cute outfit on Pinterest includes torn skinnies.  I would look so cute in torn skinnies.  I could take some super hipster photos against that brick wall in the Collection with those torn skinnies on.  Can you imagine the instagram worthy photo I would get out of an outfit like that? Dude, 150+ likes for sure..”  Hey, you may cringe or judge my thoughts and they may be exaggerated at times but, truly, I can be a very selfishly minded person.  Keepin it real, moving on.

fashion person woman apple

So while shopping, if I am having all these other ongoing comparable thoughts or have built up something in my head, I most likely will not be very satisfied with the item once I get it. I have found, for me, that the most unlikely of purchases have been my favorites.  The oversized red striped T my best friend picked out at a thrift store 5 years ago, the flimsy headphones I stole from the gym that plug into a walkman, the sushi socks my sister brought home from Thailand for me, and the purse my friend gifted me for my travels abroad that I still haven’t returned to her.  I suppose, those items are so treasured because they each have a story.  They weren’t items I dreamed up during a sleeplesss night, they weren’t things I put so much thought and time into thinking about, they weren’t things that cost me much at all (half are gifts!), they are just simple things with some love attached.

In the end though, all of the things are just that- things.  It’s just stuff.  Stuff will not last forever.

In todays readings I almost skipped right over the pre Gospel verse because I felt like I heard it a million times.

 “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 5:3

  But then I stopped.  I was drawing a blank.  What does it mean to be poor in spirit?  Come on Kritter, Catholic schooling from Kindergarden through college and you don’t know what poor in spirit is?!  Well good thing I have the internet.

 The word poor, in poor in spirit, can be replaced with humble.  So blessed are the humble in spirit.  Being humble in spirit just means knowing and recognizing our empitness without God.  Admitting our sins and knowing that we can achieve nothing without Him.  It is the opposite of pride.  The more things we have, the more empty our hearts usually are.  If we have less, we realize just how much we need Him- not the fleeting happiness of some soft ass leggings, or the empty promises of dark wash skinnies to make us look hott AF.  It’s just Him.  He is the ultimate thirst quencher, the pinnacle of lost and found, He is the end goal, He is literally- goals.  When we realize that all the stuff, is only stuff, it takes away that mystic power shopping can have on us.  It makes it just material, and somehow, less desirable.  Let us strive towards gaining faith, growing in our love of God, and seeking after Him– not that perfect pair of pants.

Good luck in all your shopping endeavors, from my corner to yours.


Love, Krit

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Your body may be summer ready, but is your soul Savior ready?

Hola readers, good to see you reading again.  Just a preface, I have no plans for how this blog will go or how often posts will appear.  It’s kind of more of a, ‘move me how you want Holy Spirit!’ kind of deal.  Anyway here we go.

Okay so summer!  School is out, beaches are packed, malls and parks are heavily populated with picnic people and shoppers galore.  You are pumped because under that crop top you’re sporting are those nice tanned abs you’ve been crunching for all winter long.  The endless amount of weighted lunges, squats and booty boosting workouts are now being shown by those short jean shorts.  The time has come, behold the summer body!

I feel as though I see more posts and advertisements about getting into a particular shape for a particular season during the pre-summer months of April, May and June than any other time.  I mean it makes sense, summer is when most of the world is in bikinis and minis.  So, with that little amount of clothing to cover the lumps and bumps well- why not get rid of those unwanted chunks and turn them into coveted muscles!  Now, I’m all for working out and health and fitness and the whole shabang.  Here is where my problem lies..

Okay picture this:  There I am, laying in bed staring at the ceiling.  I’ve gone to bed more than 45 minutes ago but there are no signs of sleep in the near future.  Why you may ask?  Oh, only because I have been spending the last half hour thinking about what workouts I am going to do the next morning.  Going over the moves in my head and mentally writing out a workout plan that will blast my abs and arms and every other muscle group.  It will be a mega workout and it will be amazing.  Cool.  So now I’m wide awake and pumped to pump some iron in the AM.

That’s all good and dandy but while I’m spending so much time thinking and planning for my exterior, what about the interior?  I try to keep this ratio in our household:  if you watch TV for x amount of time you have to read books for amount of time.  Maybe it keeps me from feeling mom guilt for showing Moana for the thousandth time, maybe its beneficial, whatever.  It’s the plan for now.  So, in regards to ourselves, I think this, ‘how much time today have I spent working on or even thinking about my body in comparison to how much time and effort I have put into bettering my soul?’  Now the two can definitely go hand in hand.  You can argue that if you have a healthy body you have a healthy mind and I agree.  My problem is when I start to rush through that soul cleaning, aka prayer and scripture and getting to know Jesus, so I can move onto more fun things like working out or scrolling instagram.  Just being honest here my dudes.  It’s not always fun to read the Bible or sit quietly in prayer.  But, if there’s anything I know about God it’s that my relationship with Him isn’t always going to feel great.  Shoot, it may never feel great!

In the readings from only a few days ago, Saint Peter wrote about some profound shit guys and thus far it has honestly changed my pursuit of the Lord.  He says this, “5For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith virtue; and to virtue, knowledge; 6and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, endurance; and to endurance, devotion; 7and to devotion, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.” (2 Peter 5-7).  So if I want my relationship with God to grow, if I want to love Him and I mean really love Him then I start with bettering my faith by trying to be more virtuous!  It’s like a domino effect.  I can’t just up and be completely devoted and willing to give my life up for someone without loving them or knowing them first.  And there you will find my laziness with the Lord.  I so badly just want to love Him, that’s it.  But I’m not willing to put in the legwork behind that love.  Well, there’s a place to start Kritter, duh.

Saint Peter writes of how if you want to love the Lord, start with improving your lifestyle and add in those virtues, like adding in reps to a set.  Am I being angelically sweet to those around me?  Do I have divine purity behind my actions?  Add in those virtues to your daily life and you will be on your way to knowing and loving God better than before.  But, just like toning your butt and thighs takes time, this relationship will take time as well.  Once you’ve got your form down for those virtues, move onto the next challenge: knowledge.  Do you know the God you are pursing?  Who is He?  READ THE BIBLE.  It’s literally like a story about Him, that’s where you can find out a ton about who God is.  Next up is self-control eiiiiishhhh.  That is an area where I need help.  If it’s not containing myself from eating all the rolls in the bread basket before we order dinner, it’s keeping those judgmental thoughts at bay when you see that girl has posted yet another selfie with some bs quote about life on insta.  Gaaaaahhh stay away satan and all the bad thoughts I want to think!  Yeah, self-control and I are not the closest of friends.  Okay, moving on.  After you have passed me up and have overcome the flesh you can move to gaining endurance!  Dude, endurance is my jam.  I love long distance running and feel so strong when I do a nice long sweaty workout.  But this isn’t bodily endurance, it’s spiritual.  That spiritual battle could definitely involve your body, aka fasting or penance, but will require lots of calling upon that good ol Holy Spirit.  This endurance can be built up over time as well, just as you would build up to a 60 second plank hold with intervals of 20 second plank holds, you can build up to a whole day bread and water fast with one meal of bread and water.  Trust the process.  Okay, next you will find that your devotion to this cause is growing.  Know why?  Because you are now involving not only your mental time and energy in the form of prayer, but also you have physically sacrificed and involved your body in this cleansing of your spirit.  It’s easy to give up that five minutes of silent prayer I would call my, ‘God time’, but now I am so much more invested!  If I were to throw the towel in, I would be giving up the mind body and spiritual gains I have made with Him.  And who in their right mind would sacrifice those gainzz bro!?  So now I find I am more devoted.  Devoted to Him and to the cause.  I start to sense this affection growing.  I mean if I am daily practicing the virtues and self-control then I am for sure talking with Him more, needing His help (constant mental prayer) and I feel as though I am getting to know this Guy a little better.  If I am really practicing all these things then I am spending a heck of a lot more time with Him then just the morning 5.  By golly I believe I am starting to grow fond of this God guy!  With that fondness, combined with the practicing of all the previously mentioned exercises, I will begin to love Him like I never have before.

Now sandwiched between all those wonderfully difficult exercises will be personal experiences and revelations that only you and Him will encounter together.  Because it’s a relationship.  Your relationship with Him will be different from mine because we are two different people.  Just like in your workout, there may be moves you find are easy and fun while I’m in the corner cursing whoever invented Bulgarian split squats.  He will work in our lives and cater to our situations personally.  So it won’t be cookie cutter perfect, you may need to start over from the beginning, but this is a way that your soul can be savior ready, right alongside that tight ass that’s summer ready.  🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you get to know Him as much as it’s helped me!  From my corner, to yours.


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Just think, this surfer Jesus is waiting to love ya


The Catholic mom’s how-to: the selflessness in chores addition.

So as you may or may not know, I’m Catholic.  Woooo go Catholic’s!  I am also a stay at home mom, woo go moms!  Those two things may not seem like they have anything in common but I have found that the two go hand in hand.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see at least a glimpse of what God intends through my daily tasks as a stay at home mom.  I may not realize that days trials, but I feel as though He is continuously revealing the why’s to my woe’s.  Lets start with the basics, house chores.  No one wants to admit it but as a stay at home mom, uh yeah I should be doing more of the chores.  Not because I am incompetent but because I am HERE, I’m present I am at the house most hours of the day.  So I might as well do that laundry that is stinking up the whole closet while I’m feeding the baby her lunch.  Why let it stay there just because, “I did it last time”??  This is where a classic mistake, one I have made time and time again, can come into play.  Counting.  Who did what last so I don’t do it this time it’s your turn, no you didn’t I did, what do you mean and so on and so forth until both parties are offended, insulted and hurt.  I have found that if I want a good marriage, I can’t count.  You never keep count.  Keeping count is what will get you into deep troubled waters.  Because if you’re doing things out of love, there is no score.  Remember those verses that are so often recited in every wedding in every movie and quite possibly were said at your very own wedding who knows how long ago? “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).  This verse is most likely one of the more well-known verses of the Bible and yet its daily interpretation often falls short of its true meaning.  Love being patient doesn’t just mean I will wait patiently for my future husband as I brave the single and dating life.  It means once you find and marry that husband of yours you kindly ask him to put his dirty socks INTO the laundry basket and not beside it even if you’re asking for the 100th time.  You use soft and angelic tones when you make a request or statement, not voices laden with sarcasm and anger.  You express your feelings giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, believing and truly believing that they did not intend to hurt you.  The list goes on and on but the basis of it is this- love is not selfish instead it is selfless.  It is life-giving, it is uplifting, it is good, it is the, “no honey, you stay in bed, I will go get the crying baby at 2am”.  It is the, hey what do you want to watch tonight, it is not just offering but insisting that they take the last piece of pie, it is the constant denial of yourself and thinking of the other first.  There is a lot that goes into a healthy marriage, duh, and I don’t have all the answers, double duh, but I am learning!  So yes, I feel as though I should do those dishes or sweep that floor or wipe that little booty clean.  In the words of the ever so faithful and wise woman of God, good ol Saint Mama T, “wash the plate not because it is dirty, nor because you are told to wash it.  But because you love the person who will use it next.”  Act out of love for your spouse and your family, God will take care of the rest.  

Thanks for reading, from my corner to yours.


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Kritty thoughts.. and then some.

IMG_7273.jpg (that’s me- pre baby, pre marriage. Laughing because life rocks plus that’s the cool thing to do in photos now right?)

Hi there,

It’s me, Krit.  I’ll do a full introduction to who exactly I am, my fambam, what we do with our days and all that good stuff but for the moment I’ve got some thoughts I want to get out.  Now to all of you readers out there who are trolling scrolling the internet and have found yourselves stumbled upon this here blog I’d like to say, “aloha and welcome, aloha and heeelllooo” – The Office.  If you’re not an Office fan well, I’ll just tell you now, move on, just move on.  Anywho back to the welcoming.  So I’m pretty new to the blogging game but it seems like a fun way to put your private thoughts and feelings out there on a virtual diary for all of mankind to read forever and ever amen.  Just kidding, but seriously blogs sort of remind me of how I would write in my red velvet diary as a 3rd grader most school nights to avoid homework and, feel like a teenager because everyone knew that teenagers kept diariesnot-.  Mind you, 3rd grade me was hilarious (I think) and re-reading those old misspelled, more doodles than words, scribble filled pages I used to confess every crush and dramatic experience an 11 year old can go through is a great form of entertainment for me now.  But, more than a comical experience I wanted to start this blog so I could get my thoughts on paper.. screen.. whatever.  It’s always been easier for me to know how I’m feeling if I can write everything down.  At times, I’m a bit slower to recognize my feelings so when I stop to write it out it’s like I am given a sort of clarity.  Then, I can work through the current season of life God has me in, and gain something (small or big) beautiful.  So, my dear readers, bear (rawr!) with me as I use this tiny space of the internet for my own, and yours if you so choose, benefit, growth and pursuit of my true Home in the sky!  Join me as I describe my adventurous days filled with spit up, food and boogers on my clothes always, kisses and nachos, Jesus and Netflix, and of course a good ol’ cup of steaming hot joe to start off the day.  Come cozy up and take a gander at the universe from my point of view and as always, prayers and love comin atcha from my corner, to yours.



“In my deepest wound I saw your glory and it dazzled me.”  St. Augustine post